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Toba Tek Singh by Sadat Hasan Manto

A couple of years after the partition of the country, it occurred to the respective governments of India and Pakistan that inmates of lunatic asylums, like prisoners, should also be … Continue reading

November 12, 2014 · 1 Comment

Two Worlds by Ines Rodrigues

She offered me Turkish coffee. I finally accepted and she led me to her apartment. We lived in the same building: her domain on the ground floor and mine on … Continue reading

November 12, 2014 · 6 Comments

Interview with Tessa Smith McGovern

★What cocktail best describes you? Probably a Pimms – it was the very first cocktail I became aware of as a young teenager because everyone drinks it at Wimbledon and … Continue reading

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Materia Medica by C.P. Surendran

Poems from Rapid Radio, a collection under construction Trade Names Mirtaz, Daxid, Zapiz. Days narrow like the magic eye Of an old radio. Nights short Like twitter text. At my … Continue reading

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Rosa’s Day – an excerpt from Arpita Bhawal’s Anthology, Vices of Eden

In the twenty years that John was in Abu Dhabi, besides acquiring lands, a large two-storey house with a garden in the heart of Cochin, a partnership in a coffee … Continue reading

November 8, 2014 · 1 Comment

The Search by Susan Kleinman ; originally published in The Baltimore Review

“Sixty-seven responses!” Al Edelstein announces at the first meeting of the search committee. It has been just two weeks since Rabbi Feldman dropped dead of a heart attack and just … Continue reading

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Interview with Mohan Sikka

   Mohan won Best Story at the 2014 Screen Awards for the film adaption of his story “The Railway Aunty”, remade as dark thriller B.A. Pass by debut director Ajay Bahl. “The … Continue reading

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Alice Munro – The Master of the Contemporary Short Story

Readers expect stories to be easy to read and digest—after all, they’re short! Writers believe short stories can be taken apart like a radio to figure out how they work—after … Continue reading

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The Railway Aunty by Mohan Sikka

From the anthology, DELHI NOIR, from Akashic Books (Spring 2009) and HarperCollins India (2009) Paharganj I lay in my dark little verandah, the space I occupied in my Bua’s flat. … Continue reading

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Final Test : Exit Sachin Tendulkar by Dilip D’Souza

In India, cricket and Sachin Tendulkar are synonymous. I am not a fan but Dilip D’Souza’s book ‘Final Test – Exit Sachin Tendulkar’ made for an interesting read. The author, … Continue reading

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