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Libraries in the modern times

It was more than four months after I moved into Scarsdale that I stepped foot into the Scarsdale Library. With almost childish glee, I got the green card that allowed … Continue reading

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Circulating Libraries

There was no concept of public libraries when we were growing up in India. We borrowed books from friends and family and there were small circulating libraries everywhere. Usually, these … Continue reading

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The Rule of Fifty?

When a friend from my book club emailed me a link with Nancy Pearl’s Rule of Fifty, I heaved a sigh of relief! I have always been a voracious reader … Continue reading

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Smartphones and ebooks

  How do you increase ebook sales in India, where the cost of the ebook reader at Rs7000 is pretty high? You buy an ebook reader and then also pay … Continue reading

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In the midst of a Revolution

  The Publishing industry is facing its biggest churn in 500 years. What worked for it even a few years ago, is not working anymore. Gone are the days of … Continue reading

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