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Review: My Little Sikh Handbook Travel Journal: Visiting Amritsar

I can’t believe it’s been soooo many years since I posted a review. That’s not to suggest that I haven’t been reading -I promise I have read awesome books but it is because after writing on private-equity all day, I simply don’t have the energy to write a review~

But this book deserves a mention. My Little Sikh Handbook Travel Journal: Visiting Amritsar, Artika Aurora Bakshi’s third book on Sikh culture is her best work yet.

I should say the book is for Sikh children, but really the book is for all Indian kids, because anyone growing up in the sub-continent knows we celebrate all faiths, pray to any god or saint we believe will fulfil our desires, and really pride ourselves on our multiculturalism. And millions of people, of all faiths, visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar each year to pray for so much and give thanks for all they have received.

The book reminds me of the journals my mother made us write everytime we visited a new place, and the scrapbooks my children created after every holiday.

So gift this book to anyone who is visiting Amritsar or is planning on going there so they know what to not miss. Like a true blue Amritsar girl, Artika has included places that visitors to Amritsar should definitely make time for. Those include the Wagah Border where they can enjoy the change of guard that occurs with much fanfare every evening and the Gobindgarh Fort that was built to protect the Golden Temple from attacks.

In this book, Himmat and Nanki continue to learn about Sikhism in this book where they go to the holy city of Amritsar to visit their grandparents. Apart from learning about the symbols of Sikhism, including the Nishaan Sahib (that you see on every gurudwara), the children learn about the harvest festival of Lohri and the legend of Dulla Bhatti and the massacre at the Jallianwala Bagh.

I can assure you that you will feel terribly hungry when you read this book – the sarson ka saag, the makki ki roti and the parantha with the safed makhan~~

The book is available on Amazon!


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