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We Were Liars by E.Lockhart


Cadence, the narrator of the story has this little nugget of wisdom. That most tales from across the world are variations of familiar stories.

‘So many have the same premise:once upon a time , there were three.

Three of something:

three pigs,

three bears,

three brothers,

three soldiers, three billy goats,

Three princesses.’

We Were Liars is the story of a king who had three daughters. And an island off the coast of Massachusetts . The King was a Sinclair, and all Sinclairs are old-money democrats. Athletic, tall, handsome and white. In her summer eight, Gat Patil walks into Cadence Sinclair Eastman’s life. Gat, Cadence, and her cousins Mirren and Johnny hang out together and they become known as the Liars.

King Sinclair controls the money, and plays his three daughters, with their depleting trust funds , against each other. Gat is brown , and a Heathcliff in her world, but he is the one Cadence loves desperately and does not want to lose him.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

In her Summer fifteen, Cadence has an accident. Her friends abandon her and she does not hear from Gat, Johnny or Mirren. She is left with blinding headaches and no memory of what happened.

Two years later she returns to the island. To Gat, Mirren and Johnny. To understand what really happened . To understand why they abandoned her. To figure if Gat still loved her, because she was desperately in love with him still.

We Were Liars is a riveting novel of love, loss, damage and healing.

And you must read the book to know if ‘they all lived happily after’!

This book is categorised as YA in Goodreads, but it is a great contemporary suspense story.


Rating 4/5

We Were Liars


242 pages; Published by Delacorte Press

Available as an ebook on Amazon and other online bookstores, and as hardcover in bookstores.


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