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Adultery : A novel


A young woman who seems to have it all – a loving husband, two lovely kids, a nice home and a decent job – is overwhelmed with sadness. A typical mid-life crisis where the future seems to be bleak because there is monotony and no excitement left any more. She meets an ex-flame and begins her downward spiral – of being in a one-sided relationship of unrequited love and of maddening jealousy to destroy the man’s wife. She then embarks on a passionate sexual relationship with the ex-flame, unmindful of the consequences, until her life comes crashing down.

Paulo Coelho jumps into the bandwagon of recent books that explore the theme of modern adultery -from the perspective of a woman, dealing with a mid-life crisis and a loving husband who courageously stands by his commitment of marital vows. In “Adultery”, Coelho discusses a whole load of issues of love, constant change in relationships and what it means to have a family and be committed.The characters however, are not well fleshed out, and you never quite feel part of them.The resolution is too pat and lacks depth.

Except for his “Veronika Decides to Die”, I have not enjoyed Coelho’s writing, though I must confess a love for his philosophical insights into love, life and relationships. In “Adultery” too , there are many valuable insights into behaviors and life. Yes we all have Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in us, and Frankenstein as well..and there is no knowing (till we are hit with it), if our ‘light’ is stronger than the darkness that is within us all.

Rating 3/5


Paulo Coelho

272 pages,Published by Knopf

Available as ebook and print at Amazon and other online stores, and in hardcover at bookstores.


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