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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Now if you are an art lover and find pleasure in the musty world of antiques, let Theo take you down that road in this compelling and intriguing Donna Tartt novel. With language so polished and a plot so thick, no wonder Donna finds herself right up there in most best sellers lists and goes and wins the Pulitzer Prize.

Theo’s world shatters one April morning. The only thing that keeps him together is this tiny yellow bird that looks at Theo from the perch it has been chained to. Theo’s first person narrative plunges the reader into the underworld of art crimes. It’s engrossing, riveting and keeps the reader on the edge. Theo’s obsession and recklessness does get irritating sometimes. But, once you have started, you just need to know where it all ends.

Tartt has an amazing way of portraying sorrow, defiance, intrigue and the complexities of relationships.

A must read!!!!

Rating- 4/5

The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt
Published by Little, Brown and Company
Pulitzer Prize-2014( fiction)
771 pages



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