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Korma Kheer and Kismet reviewed by Sheena Singh


Timms is a Scottish journalist who moved to Delhi nearly a decade ago with her husband. She also writes a food blog “Eat and Dust”.

Korma Kheer and Kismet is a veritable feast for the senses. Timms book transports you straight to the streets of old Delhi, and for a brief moment to Maqbool Road ,Amritsar.

The author is obviously completely in love with the flavours on offer. The dishes are so vividly described that you can almost taste them.

She also tempts the reader to try their hand at some of the delicacies described by sharing the recipes for the same.

Timms humanizes all the delicacies by sharing the stories of the people behind the food.

A must read for foodies. At the end of the book I was left with a craving for Nihari and my favourite Jalebis from Dariba Kalan.

Chandni Chowk beckons!!!

Rating- 4/5

Korma Kheer and Kismet

Pamela Timms

169 pages

Publisher: Aleph

sheenaSheena Singhamazon-review

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