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The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret by Christopher C. Doyle

The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret

Christopher C. Doyle

355 pages

Published by Westland

Now if you have read Christopher C. Doyle’s The Mahabharata Secret, there is no way you cannot read this one. It just gets better!!! Christopher joins the ranks of bestselling authors with his latest novel combining Science and Mythology- The Mahabharata with an added twist of Alexander the Great.

Set in Greece and India, the story takes the reader on a quest of their own to discover why Alexander and his mighty army marched towards India, what they saw as “the End of the Earth”. The jump between 300 B.C and the present day is smooth and well handled.  With the discovery of an ancient tomb in Greece, secrets start unfolding and Vijay Singh, the ace sleuth from the first book, yet again analyses and unravels the secrets. The Mahabharata occupies a prominent place in the story and Vijay and his friends, who are the elite members of the Intelligence Bureau, decode the ancient clues to fight yet another adversary with plans to use the ancient secrets for selfish reasons.

The book is well written and keeps the reader engrossed till the end. The facts and references in the book are very accurate and thus prevent the story from being seen as a far fetched idea.

Watch out for the third one in The Mahabharata Trilogy.

Rating: 4/5

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