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Divya Pathak’s Five

divyaDivya Pathak has over 16 years of rich career experience with companies like J Walter Thompson, Columbia Films and Walt Disney Studios. She currently heads up marketing for Sony Pictures India.

5 books that I love

– Autobiography of a Yogi

– The Lord of the Rings

– All the Sherlock Holmes books 🙂

– Like Water for Chocolate

– Our Trees Still grow in Dehra

A Book that made an impression

Autobiography of a Yogi -Being of a family that is highly spiritual in nature, I read this book first when I was a teen at my Dad’s recommendation. I didn’t appreciate it or understand it much at that point in time.

I was strangely drawn to read it again when I was in my late 30s and going through a difficult patch in life. This re-focused my thoughts towards the larger picture in life – spiritual evolution. It made me pause and realise that if I could ‘control my mind’ I could find happiness that went beyond the day to day pettiness that fills our lives. This book helped re-establish my faith in my Guru – and the fact that spiritual growth is available to all – and that ultimately it is upto you to make it happen – whilst continuing to live in a material world and living upto our worldly obligations.

More on Divya Pathak

Divya has handled the marketing campaigns of some very successful local (Bollywood) movies , such as “16 December” , Meera Nair’s “Monsoon Wedding” and Sushmita Sen’s “Samay”.


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