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I Am the Lion by Andrew Toy

“Dorothy can’t get home, but I have a place to live, and I have a Dad………The Tinman has no heart but I want to cry whenever I am alone……….. I try to be brave like the Lion, but it’s hard on me. I am the Lion….” Excerpt from I Am the Lion by Andrew Toy.

Lydia and her father’s world turns upside down when her mother dies. With her mother’s death, the bond between the father and daughter also dies.  That’s when Lydia’s fourth grade teacher takes it upon himself to help the grieving family. It is an uphill task and Lydia’s only confidant is the stuffed lion that was given to her by her mother.

Andrew Toy takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster ride. Even though the book is not a literary marvel the plot is intriguing.It captivates the reader and touches the heart. You want to know what happens next with Lydia.

The book is not very descriptive or detailed, but written in a way where you can feel the emotional turmoil of a nine year old and her bipolar father.

A quick and easy read, which young adults and adults can relate to, because it’s story that could be unfolding somewhere in the world as one reads.

I Am the Lion

Andrew Toy & Kyle Richardson

118 pages
Rating- 4/5


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