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Week 4 Quiz and Week 3 Winners!


We enter the last quiz this week…so get ready to answer some easy questions to win some awesome books!

the winners of the Week III quiz are :
1. Ovi Ekanayake – She gets the amazing ‘The Gita For Children’ by Roopa Pai.
2. Geeta Nair – She wins ‘Ravana & the Temple of Shiva’ by Sam Perera and illustrated by Alex Stewart
3. Fal Tri – She wins ‘Beggar’s Feast’by Randy Boyagoda

The questions for this week’s quiz are as follows –
1. In ‘India on My Platter’by Saransh Goila, why is Ladakh called the Land of the Three Ms ?
2. According to ‘A Children’s History of India’ by Subhadra Sengupta, how did ‘parantha’ originate?
3. In Persian history, who was the poetess of Qazvin (Check ‘Woman Who Read Too Much’ by Bahiyyih Nakhjavani.)

All you have to do is to send the answers to, or in a message to or in a private message on our FB page!!

So send them in pronto!!


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