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Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff


My life is stuck and you’ve just got to do something to get yourself free. Anything.’…..from Jonathan Unleashed.

Jonathan suffers from Weltschmerz and his work and love life cannot be worse than they already are. Add to it the two dogs his brother leashes on to him, and it can only spell a whirlpool (Eddy) of disastrous circumstances. The story starts with Jonathan coming home from work to find the dogs talking about him. He gets the impression that the dogs constantly scrutinise his life and he can sense their disapproval at his choices. In an effort towards making them happy, and simultaneously working on a strong urge to cross the threshold into adulthood, Jonathan finds himself juggling his not-so-happening advertising job and his not-unimpressive girlfriend Julie, with his complicated relationship with his philosophical canine roommates. His childhood friend Max and Comrade Greeley, add spice to the narrative. Whether Jonathan manages to unleash himself is what keeps the reader glued to the book till the end.

Jonathan Unleashed is a delightful tale that is bound to make the reader smile, laugh and introspect at the same time. Very deftly, Meg Rosoff manages to add romance, intrigue and humour to Jonathan’s life story. His dilemmas make this a page-turner. Dante and Sissy, the two four-legged main characters reach out and instantly give a warm fuzzy feeling. Their intelligence and sensitivity shine through the narrative.

A highly recommended book to start the year with. And best read with  your own canine soulmate nicely snuggling next to you!!!!!!

On a personal note….it was an absolute pleasure moderating Meg Rosoff’s session at the Galle Literary Festival 2016.

About the author- Meg Rosoff was born in Boston and worked in publishing and advertising before she moved to London in 1989, where she lives now with her husband and daughter. Formerly a Young Adult author, Meg has earned numerous prizes  for YA fiction. How I Live Now was her first novel. It won the Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize and the Printz Award for young-adult literature.  Jonathan Unleashed is her first adult novel.


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