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You’ve Got The Wrong Girl, Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

You've got the wrong girl

Some love stories begin like this….two strangers meet in the backdrop of the romantic Taj Mahal at Agra, feel connected, fall in love, and live happily after. But what if one of them is actually mooning about the girl he loves, the who is getting married to his best friend – and he is not invited to the party?

And then he loses both girls. The one he loved and lost and the girl whose name he does not know, but whose night with him makes him a bestselling author. A page 3 fixture, rich and famous now, the protagonist Dushyant must find the nameless girl so he can write the sequel he is committed to churning out.

And then, just as they exited out of his life, both the girls walk right back into his life, and his life turns topsy turvy again. He makes his choice about who he wants to spend his life with. But is she the right girl? Or did he get the wrong girl?

Kinda Cliched is the name of Dushyant’s bestselling book, and the author Sreemoyee has tried to make her novel anything but cliched. Instead of a tall dark handsome dude saving a damsel in distress, our young protagonist Dushyant needs much saving. This Dushyant is not the ‘Shakuntala’ swashbuckling hero, out to conquer the world with his bravery! Instead,he is a confused insecure metrosexual man, who grew up as a chubby, stammering adolescent, and a disappointment to his super achiever father and second to his overachieving sister!

From upper class India of Delhi and Jodhpur to Kolkata’s red light district Sonagachi, You’ve Got The Wrong Girl takes the reader on a roller coaster journey of emotions and what it means to discover love!The book has enough twists and turns to keep the reader engaged.Even if some characters are unidimensional, the protagonist Dushyant is not!He is charming and lovable though, and you can sense his heart is usually in the right place even if his hormones are not!

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