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Angels Speak by Roshani( Shenazz Nadirshah)


This book comes at a time when disenchantment and disillusionment shade many lives. Materialistic success, whilst improving the standard of living, has failed to enhance the quality of life.How lovely is it then, to have a daily dose of heartening messages, with an affirmation to strengthen beliefs. Angels Speak is the first Indian Oracle book of divine messages and affirmations and Archangel illustrations, all infused with potent, divine energy to bring extraordinary transformations. Messages given are varied-face adversity, letting go of suppressed feelings, looking into past actions to release karmic retribution, gratitude etc.

At The Good Book Corner, we have reviewed some amazing books published by Life Positive. Each book has a niche and plays an important role in the journey of the reader. Life Positive is a body-mind-spirit magazine promoting a holistic understanding of the unity of life and self with an emphasis on personal growth. Its orientation, as indicated by the name, is to consciously focus on the positive and ignore the negative. “This is based on the spiritual law that what you place your attention on will thrive.”(
About the Author:
Roshani Shenazz Nadirshah, was born and raised in Mumbai, India. She was a media and films
professional for 23 years before she embraced her spiritual calling and began her journey towards
what she calls her ‘life purpose’. She is a Wholestic Living Empowerist, a Transformational
Leadership Mentor and a Spiritual Medium. She strives to make people ‘Spiritually Independent’
by taking them through the journey of recognizing their inner potential and unveiling and
embracing their own divinity, and that of others. Roshani is the founder of ‘Sparkling Angels
Wholestic Living and Holistic Healing’ and the ‘Meher Roshani Foundation’ in Mumbai.


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