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Wonderful Wildlife A to Z by Geetika Jain and Bittu Sahgal

13177958_1048688875177608_7431625616002191041_n It’s a Jungle out there

And you definitely need to know the A to Z of the mighty jungle. Wonderful Wildlife A to Z by Geetika Jain and Bittu Sahgal takes the young explorers into the world of barasinghas, butterflies, chitals, lions, terrapins and tigers.          IMG_9528                             IMG_9529-2                     IMG_9527

This delightful book comes at a time when poor reading habits and excessive indoor activities seem to be a growing concern amongst parents and educators. With beautiful photographs and delightful descriptions, the book not only creates an awareness about the wild, it also encourages the curious and adventurous to go out and explore.

Learn about the alarm call of the langurs when they spot a predator, get a sneak peak into the life of a forest guard. Read the markings on the ghost tree and identify the pug marks of the majestic jungle cats. With a compendium of wild terminology, the book gives prominence to the nature reserves and wildlife parks in India. With their distinct flora and fauna, these havens are dotted with historic structures and shrine, adding to their charm.

A book that is sure to bring out the explorer in every child!!!


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