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The Good Book Corner Diaries- Dominic Sansoni


Dominic Sansoni is a photographer born (in 1956) and brought up in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He received his education at the St Peter’s College, Colombo and West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK. He later graduated from Cambridgeshire College of Arts and Technology in 1979. A professional photographer who started working in 1980, Sansoni is known as a photographer who does not like to discuss his philosophy. In fact he claims to have none, quoting ‘I see a picture worth taking, I point the camera. I shoot.’ What can be deduced from his photography though, is a fascination with sacred and human spaces. Familiar with the communities of the country in great depth and having done an extensive body of his work there, his enchantment with sacred spaces is rooted in the multi-religious society of Sri Lanka. He has a keen interest in observing how people live, their patterns, intimate relations with and personal stylisation of space. Dominic Sansoni tries to capture through his work – what he feels is magical about a place, what is vanishing and what is lost with a sense of nostalgia, or even compassion but not as much of sentimentality – as one might observe.(

1.List the books on your bedside. John Le Carré – My Kind of Traitor, Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje .

2.How important is reading to you? – 100% percent important.

3.How often do you read? – nearly every night.

4.Your favourite genre? – Travel, Fiction.

5.A book you would recommend? – Running in the Family – Ondaatje.

6.Your favourite snack/drink while reading? don’t snack or drink while reading.

7.Favourite literary/book quote? – I don’t have one.




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Artika Aurora Bakshi Artika co-manages She comes from a family of lawyers and has a master's degree in International Banking & Finance. Currently based in Sri Lanka, she teaches Commerce and History on a part-time basis at an international school and enjoys being part of the literary scene in Sri Lanka. A regular at the Galle Literary Festival and other literary events in Sri Lanka, Artika's articles and book reviews have featured in the Daily Mirror and Daily News and various blogs, such as,,, She is actively involved with SAARC Women's Association of Sri Lanka. An avid reader, Artika runs an online book club with a membership base of over 600 members. Her passion for reading has led her to helping other writers with their manuscripts. Her short stories have been published online and she is also working on her own novel. Artika has published My Little Sikh Handbook and is currently working on her second children's book, with Sikhism as its central theme. You can reach Artika at .

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