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Natural Royalty; poem submission by Anindo Bagchi


Natural Royalty

Within the Yala national Park

Untouched by the artificial light, within the dark

Lie mystical creatures hidden within the birch and the bark

Beyond that trail lies a whole different world, grim and stark


However, within this natural hierarchy

Lies the leopard at the top, standing mighty

Within the shadows, treading lightly

King of this area, asserting his power silently


This beast is royalty, it rules above all

For its speed and elegance are a gift from god

It leaps and springs among the shadows of the trees

Escaping the gaze of trail-bound mechanical beasts


However, few are fortunate to see the spotted sheen

Out of the large numbers travelling down the trail in streams

Rejecting the artificial light of the camera beams

The luxurious muscles are only privy to the gaze of god’s natural light


Those fortunate to be invited into its proximity

Treasure those moments within their memory

For that is the impact of witnessing the royalty of the natural hierarchy

Of the Yala National Park, the Leopard’s territory.

pablo-photoAnindo Bagchi is a student of Overseas School of Colombo. He is currently pursuing International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and is in DP 1. His main interests include playing chess, Table Tennis and watching Japanese animae. His passion is writing poetry and listening to music. He is the son of Ananya and Arindam Bagchi.


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This entry was posted on November 24, 2016 by in Guest Reviewers, Indian, Poems.
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