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Rekha: The Untold Story; reviewed by Saran Lamba


I am not one who is overly fond of biographies and that too of movie stars…having said that, I have read both the books by the author, the one on Rajesh Khanna and this one being on Rekha.

Let’s start with the cover photo of the book; now Rekha’s movie were well of the past by the time I grew up and starting watching Hindi cinema, but I still know that there have been better photos of her than the one chosen on the cover. It simply doesn’t do any justice to her!
After finishing the book, which I did in a few hours flat, I felt I already knew all this about her. You get a feeling of only floating on the surface and not dipping your head even once in the water.
The author has just about skimmed through most of the movies she has done in a few lines, apart from a little detail about a few of them. Not many of her co-stars or the people she has worked with have much to say about her.
In a nutshell the book is really not worth it. The only thing which resonated with me was the name of the book and the story still feels to be UNTOLD!
fullsizerender Saran is a mother of 2 children and a dog and when not being after their life, she tries to read anything that holds my interest, ranging from mystery to spirituality

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