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Paris for One and Other Stories by Jojo Moyes


“Less is More”

This 19th century proverbial phrase first appeared in 1855, in Robert Browning’s Andrea del Sarto. In a world of stand-alone novels, trilogies and series, novellas and short stories have their own little niche. Short and sweet(not always), these contained pieces of literature engage the reader instantly. You don’t need to worry about Nancy Pearl’s Rule of Fifty, as more often than not, the story finishes way before. A lot is left to the reader’s imagination and you don’t find yourself investing too much time(a precious commodity these days).

The charm of Jojo Moyes emanates from each of the woman-centric stories. Simple and delicately written, each story highlights a different nuance in a woman’s life. From being jilted by a lover to finding love when least expected, from struggling under dire straits to finding pleasure in fantasizing, these little nuggets of feminine camaraderie showcase love, forgiveness and hope.

A lovely way to spend a relaxed Sunday afternoon; with your favourite bevy in hand!

Featured Stories:

Paris for One

Between the Tweets

Love in the Afternoon

A Bird in the Hand

Crocodile Shoes


Honeymoon in Paris

Last Year’s Coat

Thirteen Days with John C.


The Christmas List


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