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The Leadership Genius of Julius Caesar by Phillip Barlag

According to Phillip Barlag, human nature doesn’t change all that much. People today, have the same “operating system” as those in Caesar’s day. The difference lies in the social context, but the lessons imparted by Caesar, more than 2000 years ago, still hold true in today’s modern world. Caesar created history- under his leadership, Rome grew in strength. History is created even today- with corporations becoming bigger, leaders becoming synonymous with the term success. And they still use the tactics used by the Roman commander.

Using instances from Caesar’s life and by highlighting his modus operandi, the author skillfully correlates those scenarios with modern-day situations.

It was 45 BC. His army was exhausted. They had marched relentlessly to catch the enemy, and rather than give them time to rest, Caesar ordered the men to charge once again. At first they obeyed, surging towards an army of nearly twice as many soldiers. As they came within throwing distance, their enemy let loose a volley of javelins. As the volley fell on Caesar’s troops, many in the front lines fell. Scared, tired, and surrounded by dead comrades, the advance ground to a halt….For Caesar, the situation was critical….Pushing his way forward from the safety of the rear, Caesar sized up his army….After shedding his helmet and making sure that they saw him clearly, Caesar questioned the bravery of his soldiers. He then turned around and charged headlong uphill toward the enemy army….Shamed into action through his courage, they charged with frenzy….

Lesson- lead from the front!

An easy to follow guide for leaders of today!


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