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The Perils of Being Moderately Famous by Soha Ali Khan; reviewed by Amina Singh

At the book launch I was thoroughly enchanted by Soha ‘s candid speaking style .. she read excerpts and answered Barkha Dutt( who could have been avoided really!) rather frankly and entertainingly . Of course none of it surprised me as I know that is exactly what she’s like .. down to earth and fresh. A new mother and a new author besides being an good actress makes for a fabulous combo in this tiny writer.
I must admit being the moderately famous celebrity she claims to be , attached as it were to the larger family of extremely famous ones I fully expected something different, what I got was a fabulous read !
I must add that knowing the family made this all the more enjoyable.. for no other reason that every personality made me smile as that is exactly how they are in reality .. but what impressed me more was the language and the writing ..every description and dialogue and scene played in my mind like a movie reel whilst reading ! Soha nailed it as far as I’m concerned !

I’m Amina Singh from New Delhi .. A reader of all kinds of books .. occasionally brain dead only to come up to the surface to read a good one ! I have a varied and eclectic choice, usually fiction  .. from bleak Swedish authors to contemporary writers from the sub continent .. with a peppering of lighter reading of all kinds as well.


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