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All About Indie Books

Self-published books, Independently published books, Independent-assisted books or Indie books – they are all the same. We use the word Indie Books. An Indie book is one that has NOT been published by a traditional publisher. It also means that the author is the APE – the author, publisher and the entrepreneur all rolled into one.

Our mission – to discover and review great Indie books that are as yet, hidden in plain sight.

We do NOT charge for our review. We believe that paid reviews lack integrity and can mislead the reader on the quality of the work. Paid reviews that appear on Amazon and other sites by the dozens may also not reflect the true value of the book.

So if you want an honest review, this is the place to find one.

We review almost all kinds of genres – memoirs, adventure, mystery, crime, women’s literature, erotica, romance, science fiction, young adults and children. We review books from across the world – in English. Apart from the US and Europe, we welcome books from the Indian sub-continent, Africa, Europe, Middle-East, South America and Australia (and any other place that we might have inadvertently missed).

We want good Indie books to find a place on your digital and hardwood bookshelves…

So, step inside, and read on. If you are an author, and would like us to review your book, send us the name of your book. If you are a reader and want to share, comment or offer suggestions, please feel free to do so! If you are an independent publisher with a book to share, do get in touch with us.

Let’s get reading…

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