the good book corner

Manuscript help, book reviews and author interviews

How we review

Our reviews are brief. Meant for readers, not critics. They are meant to help readers decide if they may want to pick up the book to read. We rate the books on a scale of 1 to 5… and hope we never get anything below a 3 to review and post.

You can send us a digital ebook or a hard copy of the book to be reviewed. Send us a brief on the book and the genre it will fall under. (Yes, we know, some books can be placed under more than one genre, but for simplicity we would like you to choose one genre).

Once we receive your book, we will give it a quick look and let you know when to expect the review. We will email the review to you and also post it on this site. If you use the review to promote your book, it will delight us.

You can email us at

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