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Manuscript Help

Whether you want to publish the traditional way, or self publish your book, it is invaluable to get objective feedback on your manuscript. Then come the steps of writing a query letter to literary agents,finding the appropriate one for your writing, or figuring out the right way to self publish your book.

We can help you at every step.

If you are looking for an unbiased opinion on your story, feedback on what can be done to improve the storytelling, or simply someone to help with structuring the plot, we can assist you with it. We have experience as writers and editors. And of course as voracious readers. We understand the process, and the anxiety that comes with presenting your book out into the bigger world.

We read-as readers.

We WILL NOT write your story or be a ghostwriter for you. Rather, you will get detailed feedback on what is working for the story, and what can be improved. We identify where the cracks might be, or what else we as readers might have liked to know.

Once you are happy with your manuscript, we can assist in the next steps of the process.

Send us a brief on your story, the genre and the word-count. We charge a flat rate of $200 for a fiction manuscript of upto 60000 words. For non-fiction, we assess the cost according to the word count, the work already completed and the restructuring (if any) required.

Read the testimonials of some of our authors, published through the traditional and self-published methods.

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