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We have worked with many authors, traditional and self-published. We have assessed their business plans, plots, themes, structure, storytelling and flow.  In our own small way, we like to think we were of help.

Here are some of the testimonials.

Anuradha Kumar

After I sent her the outline and the initial chapters of ‘Inspector Angre and the Pizza Delivery Boy,’ Preeti commissioned that book for Popular Prakashan where she was then editor. It was my first foray in crime fiction and Preeti advised me on the need to keep the pace tight and fast, while not losing sight of aspects like character and locale development. She was always enthusiastic, receptive to ideas and forthcoming with her own. She was always juggling with new ideas and ever encouraging about plans I sounded out on her. More, she was and is a very empathetic person, forever understanding of an author’s travails. She’s a person who never takes no for an answer, especially when its a challenge she is facing herself and that is really inspiring.

Natasha Sharma

Preeti has been a wonderful inspiration and support in my writing career. She encouraged me to write for children and her advice on plot structure, character development and elements that might need a rethink, have been a tremendous help. Her specific feedback is useful and actionable. I treasure her advice, feedback and support and hope that other writers benefit from Preeti’s inputs, as well.

Sarang Mahajan

Preeti was the first editor to work on my first book, Luwan of Brida. I had scary notions about editors before this. I would imagine them as bullies who cut things out as they liked. But it changed completely after Preeti contributed in the most constructive way by helping me make it easier for the readers to get the story I was trying to tell. Given the genre of my book, fantasy, it was extremely important that the scenes came alive, which could not have happened without Preeti helping me improve the language flow. I don’t know if all writers learn from their editors, but I was definitely an improved writer after I got a new perspective from Preeti on how to weave sentences in a better way so that readers don’t stumble every now and then. I keep getting a compliment from the readers that they feel like they are watching a movie when they read the book; and a lot of credit for this goes to Preeti.

K Sridhar, Author of ‘Twice Written’

I worked with Preeti Singh when I published my novel, Twice Written, in 2011. She was the Commissioning Editor with the publishers who published my novel and had a very important role to play in helping me seeing my book finally in print. It will not be an exaggeration to say that had it not been for her my book would very likely have remained unpublished.

It was not only the decision she took to publish the novel but she helped me see it through the copy-editing stage. She had several suggestions to help with improving the book but, more importantly, Preeti is blessed with a gentle but persuasive manner which is a rare quality in editors. Rather than imposing her suggestions, she believed in working the author around to accepting it — an invaluable quality when dealing with writers and their fragile egos. Not once did I feel that Preeti was making me do something to my book that I did not want to do. In all my interactions with other publishers before that I did not come across anyone who was so willing to take the author’s point of view on board. If I felt happy with the process of publishing the book, the credit for that should largely go to Preeti. I would love to work with her on another book, if I ever get the chance.


Christopher C. Doyle, Author of The Mahabharata Secret and The Mahabharata Quest

Artika Bakshi was one of the selected few who read the first draft of both my books – The Mahabharata Secret and The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret. I greatly valued her review of the draft on both occasions, as well as her suggestions for changes. What I really appreciated about her review of the drafts was the fact that, not only did she meticulously note and point out errors in syntax and punctuation, but she also referenced and cross checked locations, historical mentions and personalities and even the scientific theories that I had based the plot upon. Her reading and review were very thorough and I will not hesitate to recommend her to any author who would like an objective and reliable review of their manuscript.

Kiran Doshi, former diplomat and author of Jinnah Often Came to Our House

Dear Artika,
Thank you for the review of Jinnah often came to our House. I have been reviewing books for ages and know what a tough job it is—apart, of course, from the job ruining the joy of reading. I have learnt only lately that the trick is to read the book as a reader the first time, then to plod through it as a reviewer a second time.
I am not sure if that is what you do. Whatever your method, it has worked with Jinnah . . . ! Your review says just enough about the book to whet the appetite, and not give away the plot. (A recent extraordinarily long review of the book in an Indian magazine has given away so much of the story that I am sure that many people who read the review will decide that they don’t need to read the book now!) Incidentally, I was impressed with the way you began the review—linking the Francis Bacon quote, the first sentence of the novel, and the sentence with which it ends. Over the months since the book came out, many critics have reviewed the book. None of them noticed the link.
One selfish request. Do put me in the mailing list of your future book reviews. I love good books and far too many books I begin (and, from force of habit, complete) turn out to be unsatisfactory. Maybe reading their reviews first would help to save me some time.
Kiran Doshi


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