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Unravel by Preeti Singh, reviewed by Seema Mohapatra

unravel by preeti singhamazon-review

Earliest known use of word – 1603
un.rav.el verb \ n- ra-v l\
: to cause the separate threads of something to come apart
: to find the correct explanation for something that is difficult to understand
: to fail or begin to fail” (excerpt from Unravel)”

Unravel. A beautiful word – and an equally beautiful story. The interconnected threads of eight women slowly come undone to reveal heartbreak, love and loss in this brilliant first novel by Preeti Singh. The one story that hit me hardest was (spoiler alert) the one about a mother who loses her daughter to cancer. I do not think there was a single point when I wasn’t crying. The novel made me laugh, cry, smile and even nod with approval. Each story is so different and yet so similar, and each one was done thoroughly. The characters were detailed well and relatable. All in all, a great first novel. Definitely recommend it.


Preeti Singh

Published by Authors Upfront

166 pages

Seema Mohapatra quit as the regional director – South Asia for BBC World Wide two years ago to spend some time chasing her dream. She assisted Amole Gupte in his last movie, advises small enterprises and production houses on Go-To Market strategy. Currently she is working on her own making her own movie.


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