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Necropolis by Avtar Singh


“This city will forgive anything.Your father can make bad drugs, your husband can be a repeat offender with the tax department. Your daughter could be a hit-and-run artist, your family dodgy arms dealers, your son- in-law in jail for bribing government officials to build crap roads. It’s all fine, as long as you have money. But if you don’t have money, you don’t exist. I don’t know about your city, sir, but the one thing my Delhi won’t forgive is poverty.

Avtar Singh knows Delhi well and that is exactly what is revealed as one progresses through the book. Necropolis is a contemporary crime thriller with strong references to the history of Dilli through the centuries.

DCP Dayal of the crime branch is a history buff and knows what Delhi has gone through. He takes it upon himself to protect his city, aided ably by Kapoor and Smita and in the shadows by the mysterious Razia. Kapoor is typically what one imagines a North Indian police inspector to be. Smita adds to the contemporary aspect of this thriller as the trendy cyber cell officer. And Razia……………………..

The cases vary from murder, gang rape to kidnapping and freakish cults, but Dayal and his team know how to tackle them in spite of the bureaucracy and power players.

The book has a very urbane and refreshing feel and enough twists to keep the reader glued.

Avtar Singh

Published by HarperCollins India under Fourth Estate imprint

268 pages


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