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The Free Thinker’s Prayer Book by Khushwant Singh


Khushwant Singh

Aleph Book Company

208 pages

” Ahimsa above all; work as worship; honesty; helping people in need;silent charity and respecting and preserving the natural world- my own religion”.

The Free Thinker’s Prayer Book- written by India’s grand old man. When Khushwant Singh said something or when he wrote, we all took notice- notice it was for sure- whether we agreed with it or thought of him as someone who had lost his mind.
The introduction takes every individual back to the moment, when we have all questioned the religious and ritualistic dogma that are there in our lives. We have all wondered why???

A deeply personal collection of India’s grand old man, of prayers and practical advice by prophets, poets and philosophers, and his favourite passages from the seminal texts of the worlds major faiths.In the final section, Khushwant Singh shared some of his own life codes and those of the rebels and mavericks he most admired.

Every page as you turn, gently reminds you to cherish life and enjoy every aspect of it.
Every scripture moves and is worthy of admiration.

A must have inspirational and comfort book!!
Thank you Mr. Singh for your little treasure of prayers and precepts.
” Life is not always fair. Sometimes the good suffer for their deeds and the wicked prosper. So there is no use telling anyone that there are rewards for the good in life. Goodness of the heart should be a habit, and it’s own reward.”



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