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Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape



Gordon Ramsay’s most recent TV series Great Escape is a culinary journey around India.  The book by the master chef is an extension of the series.

Ramsay was fascinated with Indian food ever since, as he puts it, his mother served him his first inauthentic curry ,sprinkled with curry powder and sultanas. Ramsay takes us on a delightful visual and gastronomical journey through some parts of India and its cuisines. The 100 recipes in the book are for a western audience and label ingredients found easily in most parts of the world. The recipes follow a standard form that is synonymous with Ramsay’s name.

The Book features Britain’s much loved Chicken Tikka Masala. It also has other unique dishes like spicy tomato and coconut soup, dry crab curry and sweet potatoes with panch phoren.

There is a comprehensive glossary on Indian food details the spices and utensils required for Indian cooking . The fantastic photography adds to the appeal of the book.

The book has plenty of supporting information without becoming weighty and heavy. A real must-have for anyone who loves Indian food and cooking.

An excellent book to gift and have in your collection. Try some of these recipes.

Gordon Ramsay


272 pages


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