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Warrior by Olivier Lafont

Olivier Lafont’s Warrior, is one of those novels that comes as a package, with mythology, thrill, adventure, love and heroism all thrown in together. The language used is the strength of this novel. However, this strength is not strong enough to carry the weight of an irksome plot.

The story is about Saam, a simple watch-mender in Mumbai, who at the onset of cataclysmic destruction, takes it upon himself to save the world from it’s end. The plot unfolds with Saam revealing his demigod capabilities as the son of Shiva and joining forces with his six companions to fight The Enemy.

The narrative moves quickly and before the reader can absorb what’s going on, it takes a new turn. In an attempt to make it racy and thrilling, Lafont has lost out on captivating the reader’s interest. Saam as a hero, fails to impress the way Amish’s Rudra did.

Mythology is a genre that is being explored by many and with Warrior, Lafont tries to join the bandwagon. One of the major flaws of this book is the mishmash of mythical and historical events with recent ones, in order to depict the ongoing conflict between good and evil and the gradual decent towards a hellish end or doomsday.

Olivier Lafont

324 pages

Published by Penguin

Rating- 1/5


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