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What Milo Saw by Virginia Macgregor


“As Milo shifted his head and focused in on the images through the small ‘O’ of his vision, he felt kind of lucky that he didn’t have to see it all. At least he only got a bit of the grey sky and the grey pavements and the grey leafless trees. People who saw everything at once must feel drowned by the world. All Milo had to do was to move his head and focus on something else and pretend the bad bits weren’t there”……….. What Milo Saw.

Nine year old Milo has been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. Though his eyesight is failing and his peripheral vision is a strong handicap, Milo’s sharpness makes him see things that others miss. His way of looking at situations and understanding them is simple. According to him, adults complicate things, which would otherwise be plain and straight.

Milo’s life revolves around his Gran, who is actually his Dad’s grandmother and his pet piglet, Hamlet. When his Mom sends Gran to a retirement facility, Milo’s world gets jumbled up. Things are not as they seem and Milo takes it upon himself to make them right. The process is exasperating…….” Milo’s felt his eyes go dark. He was tired of looking out onto the world and finding things he didn’t like. Sometimes he wished his eyes would hurry up and go blind altogether”( What Milo Saw). With Tripi, the Syrian chef at the Forget Me Not home and Al, his cousin from Scotland, Milo sets out to change things at the retirement home.

Every once in a while comes a simple book, which unravels the complexities of human relationships and emotions. What Milo Saw  is one such sweet book, that will appeal to young adults and adults alike. Virginia Macgregor portrays the characters in a very lovable, funny, poignant, yet convincing manner.The childish simplicity of Milo makes one fall in love with the boy. The story flows smoothly as the author manages to strings together the characters and their individual stories deftly. Within the first few pages, Macgregor weaves an intricate web. Milo’s earnestness makes one smile through the book. The story has it’s hair raising moments, that will definitely keep one glued. But all through the story, the author manages to paint a very pretty picture. The book is full of little quotes and gems that bring a smile to the face. Even through the sad moments, there is a warm, fuzzy feeling that strengthens the belief, that in the end, everything will be alright!!!!!!

Everyone needs to read this!!!!!!!!!!

‘I’m not a kid, you know,’ said Milo, standing up. ‘Of course not. That’s why you’re going to do the adult thing and go home – you are going to go the extra mile.’ ‘The extra mile?’ ‘Make an effort…………..’ What Milo Saw.




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