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India On My Platter by Saransh Goila


” For butter chicken….my soulmate
For Grandpa’s special dum aloo… I still miss both every Sunday

For my forever hungry family

For India….. because we have chaat”.…..Saransh Goila’s India On My Platter 

I saw Saransh’s book being talked about on one of the food blogs and knew instantly that I wanted to review this book. Quite a change from the genres I had been reviewing for The Good Book Corner. Saransh set a record in 2014 for ‘the longest road journey by a chef’, when he hosted India’s biggest food travelogue show , Roti, Rasta Aur India. 

India On My Platter is a 20,000 km food journey across Incredible India. Unlike the regular brand of recipe books, this book gives the reader thoughtful insights into the Indian psyche and narrates the story behind each of the regional delicacies featured. Saransh adds his own twist to some of the recipes as a tribute to the exquisite produce that can be found in different parts of India. You also find little gems of unknown facts…..” Ladakh is also called the Land of Three Ms- mountains, monasteries and monks” and “Bhubaneswar was home to more than 1,000 temple“. His experiences add to the charm of the book and makes one realise how food and hospitality unite a country as diverse as India.

Saransh’s journey across 25 states in 100 days showcases the cuisine, the people and the landscape of the country. According to him,” Every 100 km, I could see a change in India“. Every day is well documented( with photographs too) and though the style is narrative, it does paint a pretty picture and tantalise the tastebuds. With recipes ranging from the simple ‘Highway Style Dal’, prepared by a truck driver on the roadside to the ‘Sindhi Saffron Flatbread’ made as an religious offering in Mathura, each experience speaks for itself. My personal favourite was his community kitchen(langar) experience at Gurudwara Anandpur Sahib. His writing has a sincerity which is captured beautifully as he describes the place, the food and the atmosphere. According to Saransh,” My biggest lesson from this meal was that even as a chef, or a cook, your conscience while cooking has to be clear. It may be a profession, but it is a noble act to feed people, so love, respect and selflessness have to be there whenever you cook“.

Each recipe is given in an easily comprehendible format, with both English and Hindi names used for the ingredients. There are around 50 vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes in this book, with my personal favourites being, the Saffron Fruit Cream, Kullu Manali Trout, Baghare Baingan and Lettuce Wraps.

A definite addition to every food lover’s collection. And if my word is not enough………………….” As a fellow chaat lover, I recommend Saranch’s epic food journey to all lovers of good food, good fellowship, and good writing……………..”, Ruskin Bond!!!!!!!!!


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