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The Good Book Corner Diaries- Preeti Singh



Preeti Singh co-manages She is an author, published through traditional and self published channels. She has worked as a Content Head, an Acquisitions Editor and a Project Manager with various publishing houses, including Disney Publishing, Popular Prakashan and ACK-Media. 

She helps authors with their manuscripts, helping them refine their storytelling and structure. Her body of work include Unravel, Great Books for Children and Smart Beginnings.

Preeti’s articles have been published in, mid-day, IndiaAbroad,, The Scarsdale Inquirer and HuffPost. Preeti is based in Scarsdale, US and is currently pursuing a M.S. in journalism at the Columbia Journalism School.

1.List the books on your bedside-  Salman Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months & Twenty Eight Days; The AP Style Book.

2.How important is reading to you? It’s my life…I’m fidgety if I don’t read.

3.How often do you read?  Every single day.

4.Your favourite genre? Apart from Biz books & self help books, I devour all kinds of books.

5.A book you would recommend? Gabriel Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

6.Your favourite snack/drink while reading? Chips & Bikaner Bhujia.

7.Favourite literary/book quote- “Anything can happen child, anything can be!” Shel Silverstein




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