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Pharaoh by Wilbur Smith; reviewed by Nimra Savanghan




Pharoah is a thrilling novel under the series “ Ancient Egypt” by Wilbur Smith, a South African novelist. The story begins with the death of Pharoah Tamose, and the unraveling that follows Taita, a former slave turned war hero during Tamose’s regime.

Taita being the narrator, journeys through a series of misfortunes, including imprisonment by Tamose’s son – the new Pharaoh Utteric Turo, on the count of treason. The new Pharoah, himself seems unsettled – maybe it be his sexuality or even his sociopathic behavior, thus naming him a “manchild” by the narrator.

The narrator’s unlikely journey takes him to Ramses, who is also seeking a fairer monarch in ancient Egypt. Together as a team, with warriors from Taita’s past, they march towards a battle that will change the history of Egypt.

As a fictionalized historic Novel, Wilbur Smith portrays the novel’s characters in a realistic gritty way. From the executioner in Luxor to the beautiful princess Serrena, readers have a clear view of each character’s personalities.

What to really expect:

The story is encompassed with quite a bit of epic battles, long harrowing sea voyages, a blend in with supernatural forces, family betrayal and of course- a bit of love.

Final verdict: Pharaoh is the sixth novel in the Ancient Egypt series, and those who missed the first 5 books, might find the novel uncharted. The story takes a while to grow on you, so if you get your hands on this, grab a good cup of coffee and enjoy a journey into the ancient times of Egypt.


Nimra is a charming hair band stealer, who loves Coffee, Chocolate, and Cheesecake. As a child, she aspired to be a writer or a pilot, and since then decided to settle on buying a farm in Australia with Travis Fimmel. She is often seen with a thumping headache caused by her two children.






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