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Cursed at Kedarnath and Other Stories by Deepta Roy Chakraverti

A woman in Delhi remembers the hell which surrounded her at an old sacred site in Kedarnath; A murdered courtesan from centuries ago appears in a mirror at a Jaipur hotel….

Deepta Roy Chakraverti’s From Bhangarh to Bedlam, introduced me to Wicca- a contemporary pagan religious movement, highlighting the supernatural. I was fascinated by the stories she told, all of them referenced and researched impeccably. The Good Book Corner also reviewed Ipsita Roy Chakraverti’s, Beloved Witch Returns. Though skeptical at first, I found myself believing in the existence of the spirit world and the presence of energy around us.

Cursed at Kedarnath & Other Stories, is an anthology of six stories, each a true account, though the names have been changed for privacy. Deepta’s personal experiences and her connection with each of the protagonists gives credibility to the encounters. Each story is supported by a section from Deepta’s personal diary, with relevant notes, observations and published references from the works of prominent scientists and psychiatrists.

The purpose of this book is not to sensationalise the paranormal. Like the other books written by the mother-daughter duo, this book too delves into the transcendental realm, where the line between scientific elucidation and supernatural becomes blurred.

A intriguing read, which will surely pique the interest of the sceptics.


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