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Leila by Prayaag Akbar; reviewed by Amina Singh

I’d  heard about Prayaag Akbars debut novel Leila .. heard it was chilling , heard it was a must read. So I finally got hold of a copy

At first you  don’t  realise what is in store .. then it creeps up on you till you can’t put it down and your heart is thumping all along .

To say it was disturbing would be benign .. as you read along , you feel this ominous , dark sense of something familiar lurking . Still you keep going till your mind is frantically making frightening comparisons between the words and events in the story and your own world with its various worlds within it.

It’s such a mirror of what we have become as a country  and portent of what we are going to become , that it becomes uncomfortable at times. The discomfort is like a warning .. faint at first then louder and more obvious.

Its Orwellian style is a reminder how little can be overlooked as fiction or fantasy anymore .. a story about a mother and her lost daughter is more  a reflection of our society , its casteist divisions and taste of things to come . A mirror to the world as it were .. applying to today’s bleak divisive scenario at home and elsewhere as well.

Community and culture take on a whole new meaning .. and not a warm and fuzzy one but a dark and forbidding one.

I’m Amina Singh from New Delhi .. A reader of all kinds of books .. occasionally brain dead only to come up to the surface to read a good one ! I have a varied and eclectic choice, usually fiction  .. from bleak Swedish authors to contemporary writers from the sub continent .. with a peppering of lighter reading of all kinds as well.

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