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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Adele: I had forgotten what happiness feels like. For so long everything has been about David’s happiness- how to stop his dark moods,how to stop him drinking, how to make him love me….But now there are fireworks inside me. Bursts of colourful joy. Now I have Louise. A new secret….
Louise: Perhaps between the two of them, David and Adele, they’re bringing me back to life….

And then there is David! Married to Adele, on the surface happily, but with too many complexities marring their relationship. To call their marriage normal would not be normal at all. A chance meeting with Louise complicates affairs further, resulting in an explosive, mind-blowing thriller, the end of which is way beyond anything the reader would ever have imagined.

From the first page, Sarah Pinborough manages to pique the interest- masterful writing; a puzzling plot; characters that go under your skin; a narrative that is so involving and consuming, that you find yourself watching the diegesis unfold from behind their eyes.

Written as a first person narrative, alternating between Adele and Louise, Behind Her Eyes is a gripping and disturbing story, written so vividly, that I found myself racking my brain trying to figure out where the story was headed. Sometimes annoyed, but mostly shocked, I found it rather difficult to put the book down.

The ending is something that I wouldn’t have guessed in a hundred years!



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