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The Lonely Hearts Travel Club: Destination Chile by Katy Collins

After Thailand and India, Georgia heads to Chile, and this time she doesn’t go alone- this time it’s with her partner/boyfriend Ben! According to her friends Marie and Shelley ,‘…They say you never know someone until you travel with them…People think that when you go on holiday it will be this unrealistic romantic trip and all the problems they had at home will disappear. The truth is, you bring them thousands of miles with you and they become even more magnified in this strange, unusual environment. But if you can’t get along on some idyllic tropical beach when the only thing you have to worry about is applying more sun cream and which book to read next, then you won’t be able to get along anywhere. It is the ultimate test….’

And thus starts the adventure! As part of a couples’ reality show, Ben and Georgia have a roller-coaster of a trip, discovering the rugged and wild side of Chile and re-evaluating their relationship.

Katy Colin’s third book in The Lonely Hearts Travel Club series, Destination Chile is a light read. Fast paced, sometimes clichéd, but mostly hilarious, Destination Chile is worth the time you spend on it.

An easy breezy read!



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