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Alice in Brexitland by Lucien Young

Alice sat by her sister on the riverbank and wondered if she might not die of boredom…As a last resort, Alice glanced at the book her older sister was reading. Its cover bore these words: ‘THE DEBATE SURROUNDING MEMBERSHIP OF THE EUROPEAN UNION’. She peeped inside, but saw in it no pictures or conversations. ‘And what is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversations?’ Moreover, she spotted among its strange, unwieldy words one that was all too familiar:’Brexit’. Alice shuddered…

Lewis Carroll’s universal fairytale holds the same charm today as it did in 1865.

2016: Alice is perplexed by the chaos around her and the idiosyncrasies of those in power in London. And then she goes down the ‘Brexit-hole‘. With characters such as David Camerabbit, Corbyn-pillar, The Cheshire Twat and the easily recognisable Trumpty Dumpty( from across the Atlantic) sitting on his wall, Lucein Young paints today’s abysmal world scenario, with a coat of sheer wit and satire. Lewis Carroll’s fictional characters come to life and ironically, their characteristics match those of the real-life leviathans portrayed in Alice in Brexitland.

As someone I know mentioned, the kind of book you can breeze through when on a train( maybe the Eurostar!)



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